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Choosing a Bride Gina Biggs

Choosing a Bride

Gina Biggs

18 pages
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 About the Book 

Gina Biggs is a freelance artist and comic creator currently residing in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She has been creating comics for over ten years and has run the indy comic publishing group, StrawberryComics.com, since 2004. Strawberry Comics is an all-female group of creators banding together to help promote women in the comic industry as well as the neglected and often overlooked genre of love and romance in the medium.Ginas current works include Red String, Erstwhile, and Love of Sausage. Red String is a romantic webcomic series that started in 2003 and continues to update three times a week. It is published by Dark Horse Comics. Erstwhile adapts lesser known Grimms fairy tales into comic form. Gina works with another member of Strawberry Comics on this project, Louisa Roy. Together, they illustrate the series. And finally, Love of Sausage is an autobiographical tale of the love and loss in pet ownership.Through her works Gina emotes a sense of warmth and kindness. She strives to bring emotional depth to the characters in her stories and shows a kind of innocence in the worlds she creates.